Astrology in English How to remove negative energy from home

Astrology in English How to remove negative energy from home

From this Astrology Article in English, You Can Find the Best Secrets Astrology Remedy about How to remove negative energy from home.

we all know that in this modern age our accommodation, our home, our flat plays a much bigger role in our lives. Just as the position of the planet in our natal chart affects our lives, so too does our habitat play a role in our lives. And if that habitat is obsessed with negative energy then we may face various problems. From this article, we will learn how to overcome various negative energy in the house.

According to astrology, there are some solutions by which we can easily remove the negative energy of our home.

Let’s find out first what problems we might have if we have negative energy at home from this Astrology in English

Astrology in English How to remove negative energy from home

Take a moment, are you or all the members of your household familiar with this problem? For example, almost everyone at home suffers from various diseases. For some reason, almost all the members of the household get into fights. Money is income less expenditure is more. There is no improvement in any way. Those who are studying also have failures etc. In fact, this kind of problem occurs if there is a bad effect on the birth chart and if there is negative energy in the house. So now the way? Of course, there are ways to remove the negative energy of the house.

A simple method that has been going on for ages, I try again and again to solve this kind of problem by various methods of the ancient scriptures. Because in ancient times, many sages have tried to solve this problem by deeply judging and analyzing it. Which is our pride.

Astrology in English How to remove negative energy from home

Now coming to the main point, the subject that I will talk about is known or known by many but not by many. Only those who have it can understand its meaning. I’m talking about horseshoes. Many people know or know but there are very few people. If you go to many old houses, you will see that almost all those houses have the use of this horseshoe. So let’s talk about how to use a horseshoe.

Many have been able to overcome their failures by using horseshoes. The biggest thing is that those who have horses or horseshoes at home do not have any food problem. There is no shortage. And the horseshoe is used the most, to protect the evil vision of Saturn. If you have an evil eye on Saturn in your life or habitat, then the members of that habitat will never improve.

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Horseshoes are made of iron and iron is the metal of Saturn. And black is the favorite color of Saturn. Shanidev represents hardworking animals and people. The horse is a strong and hardworking animal. Saturn has a match with the horse. And if it is a black horse, then it is gold. Therefore, to remove the negative energy of the house, especially the black horse’s hoof has been given more importance.

Astrology in English How to remove negative energy from home

To avoid food shortages, wrap a black horse’s hoof around a black cloth where you store your grain or in your rented room or kitchen where rice, pulses etc. are kept. Hide there. Make sure no one sees it.

Hang a black horse’s hoof upside down on the main door of your house like an English U. This will waste the negative energy of the house. Those who do business can also put it in their place of business. In the case of business, hang upside down in front of the main door like an English U. Or wrap it in a black cloth and put it in your cash basket.

Those whose business has become obsolete, they must do this work. That is, use the horseshoe. For those who are in the middle of Saturn according to their birth chart, if possible, make a black horse’s hoof in the shape of a ring and wear it on the middle finger of your hand (if it is male, it is on the right hand and if it is female, it is on the middle finger of the left hand).

The rule of holding the horse’s hoof ring on the finger (Remedy about How to remove negative energy)

Dip the ring in raw cow’s milk on Friday. After bathing on Saturday morning, feel clean in clean clothes and hold it in the middle finger to remove the evil effects from your sari sati (for those who are having sati) and to express any other desire. Eat vegetarian on that day or Saturday. Every Saturday mother will offer puja of Dakshinikali.

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