Spiritual Astrology Remedies for Financial Improvement

Spiritual Astrology Remedies for Financial Improvement

From this spiritual Astrology Article, You get the best Astrology Remedies from Your Financial Improvement

If you have a financial problem, looking for the best Home remedies regarding improving your financial status and solve money problems you must need the attention of this Article.

what is the Spiritual Astrology Remedies for Financial success in life?

Right Now it is a big concern about financial growth regarding this current situation of every people. Hope you read this article and follow all the Spiritual Astrology remedies and solve your problems.

Spiritual Astrology Remedies for Financial Improvement


Spiritual Astrology Remedies: Take seven cloves on any Tuesday or Saturday, now go to Hanumanji’s temple wrapped in a small red cloth and recite Hanuman Challisha three times by rolling it all over his body. When you get home, place those little red clothes in your home cupboard or wallet or cash box. Do this application on these seven Saturdays or Tuesdays. Donate the previous red cloth to Hanumanji’s temple and bring the clove home with the new cloth. Try it and you will benefit. Remember to do vegetarian food on the day you do the action and no drugs can be taken.

Spiritual Astrology Remedies: Plant a basil tree at home on a full moon day. Water the tree every day and pray for your family’s financial well-being. Get the benefits. And those who live in flats must plant basil in a tub. Remember that the basil tree destroys the ecology of the house.

Spiritual Astrology Remedies for Financial Improvement

Astrology in English How to remove negative energy from home

Spiritual Astrology Remedies: Put a lemon in a glass jar on Saturday, fill it with water and place it in the northeast corner of the house or flat. Change 8 glasses of water and lemon every Saturday. Cut the previous lemon into four pieces and spread them around the road. The negative energy of the house will be lost. The financial position will be maintained. Do this 11 Saturdays. The barriers to getting paid will be removed.

Spiritual Astrology Remedies: Clean the floor of your home or office by adding a little sea salt to the water every day (but excluding Thursdays). This will waste the negative energy and pave the way for earning money.

Spiritual Astrology Remedies: Place a fish aquarium in the northeast corner of the house. The financial situation will change for the better. In a small copper case, make three curries, three chlorophylls, three betel nuts, a small amount of sun-dried rice wrapped in a red cloth and place it at the feet of mother Lakshmi. Business will improve. Perform this action on the date of the full moon.

Astrology Remedies for Financial Improvement: On every full moon day or Thursday, water the following mantra at least 108 times in a garland of lotus seeds. There will be financial prosperity.

Mantra of Spiritual Astrology success ঃ om sring sring sring kamale kamalaye prasid prasid sring sring sring om mahalakshi namah

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