Use of Black Thread improves Good Luck According to Astrology

Use of Black Thread improves Good Luck According to Astrology

From this Astrological Article find the information that How to use Black Yarn to improve Good luck According to Astrology.

Black Thread improves Good Luck – Let know the uses About Black color Thread improves Good Luck, Black thread has been around since ancient times to bring good luck to human life. Many people nowadays use black thread in different parts of the body for styling.

Black Thread improves Good Luck – People of different religions use black thread. Black yarn is used to destroy negative energy. You must have seen many people wearing black yarn on their ankles, neck, waist or wrists. Some wear black yarn to make themselves look stylish again, some consider it a sacred yarn that will protect us from all the negative energy around us. Some people also consider black yarn as a symbol of good luck.

How to Use of Black Thread improves Good Luck according to Astrology

Religious beliefs are intertwined with black thread. Let’s know a little detail.

Use of Black Thread improves Good Luck According to Astrology

Why is black yarn contained?

In traditional Indian religion, black is considered evil. In particular, black is not used very much in any sacred or auspicious work and white, yellow, orange, red or other colors are used. In India, it is rare to see a person wearing a black dress during a holy ceremony or a religious function. But, even then, why many of us are seen wearing black thread on their bodies!

In Hinduism, black is associated with Saturn, the God of justice. It is thought that he is the god who rewards or punishes a person based on his deeds. If Shanidev is the giver of action. When he is pleased, he closes the negative energy aspects of human life and blesses with hope, interest and pos itive energy. So, when someone ties black thread on the ankle, that person stays away from negative and evil energy. Black yarn is also worn on the neck, waist or hands. People usually wear it to protect themselves from people who have black magic or evil intentions. Many children also have their mothers tie this thread on their body to avoid kunjar.

However, black yarn will only give positive results when it is worn with certain things in mind

These things must be kept in mind while wearing black yarn

Use of Black Thread improves Good Luck According to Astrology

1) You must tie nine knots in black thread and then wear it on the ankle.

2) Before wearing black thread, it must be offered to Shanidev and Hanuman. After doing this, the thread is strengthened by the sacred mantra.

3) It must be worn at auspicious times. Otherwise, the thread may not be effective. You can consult a priest or astrologer for this.

4) When you tie black thread on your ankle, waist, neck or hand, tie it in 2, 4, 6 or 7 circles.

5) After offering to Lord Hanuman, if a black thread is tied around the neck, the person is blessed with health and positive energy.

6) If you want to get the blessings of Saturn and be safe from your enemies, you must wear this thread on Saturday after consulting astrologers with nine knots tied.

7) After tying black thread on any part of your body, recite the Rudra Gayatri Mantra. You can also choose a specific time to recite the mantra. The mantra is –

Om tatpurusaya bidmahe mahadevaya dhimahi Tanno Rudrah Prochodayat.

8) Those who are already wearing yellow, red, or purple yarn on their wrists, they must not tie any black yarn.

Use of Black Thread improves Good Luck According to Astrology

9) Since the black thread is a symbol of the god Saturn, it must be worn only after analyzing the movements and phases of the planet.

The beauty of black yarn will be discussed in detail in a few more articles. Share this post with everyone. So that everyone can know the wonderful thing about black thread.

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