Vastu Tips Never keep broken idols in the temple. Know why

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According to Vastu Shastra, Acharya Indu Prakash talks about the height of photographs that should be kept in the temple. According to Vastu Shastra it is advisable to keep the height of photographs or idols from one finger to twelve fingers for worshipping in the temple of the house. Photographs or statues of higher height should be used for public temples only. Also, care should be taken of the maintenance of photographs or idols in the temple.

Vastu Tips Never keep broken idols in the temple. Know why

In any way, fragmented or cracked idols should not be kept in the temple. They should be immediately removed and immersed in a river, pond or kept under the peepal tree. Also, check if the idol or statue is made of metal, it can also be repaired when it is broken, but the wood or stone statue cannot be repaired, so they should be removed from the temple immediately when broken.
In Vastu Shastra Tips , Acharya Indu Prakash talks about placing photographs in the temple. Many people put pictures in the house temple to pay respect to their deceased relatives, which according to Vastu Shastra is completely inappropriate.

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Vastu Tips: Never put these pictures in the temple to avoid difficulties

The pictures of the deceased should not be placed in any temple. This causes Vastu defects in the house and spreads negativity throughout the house, which keeps the minds of the members of the house unhappy. Apart from the temple, you can put pictures of your deceased relatives or fathers in any other room of the house. According to the direction, you can put these pictures in the southwest corner of the house, that is, in south-west direction.

Vastu Tips Never keep broken idols in the temple. Know why

Why Is Vastu Essential regarding Vastu Tips

A home is the most intimate space for a human being. A home sees many moments, be it happy or sad. But, who wants to be sad? Everyone has a dream home in their mind and it must have positive vibes. Whether you are getting it constructed or buying a property, one must consider the vastu of the house? This is now you know and here we will tell you why is vastu essential for houses.1. Guidance systemThough, vastu has its ties with old indian traditions but it has scientific significance as it manipulates the nature’s forces to work in our favour.

Essential regarding Vastu Tips: Vastu is a calculation of various factors like wind, sunrise, sunset etc. Like, it is considered good to have an east facing house as the sun rises in that direction which is a sign of happiness and health.2. Brings joy and peace of mindSince the space is designed in such a way that it is well lit and ventilated. This fills the space with positive energies and can affect your mood and well-being. With peace of mind, not only your work will flourish but your health, wealth and prosperity also.3. Strengthens bonds with familyA home is where the family is! A home built according to vastushastra will help in maintaining a healthy relationship with the family. You will be able to lead your life with love, peace and harmony.There must be some vastu tips that one could follow for their house, well, that’s a topic for another now you know.

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